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 We are passionately committed to providing dynamic pathways to self-sustainability for low income individuals and families through advocacy, education, and energy assistance. With our collaborative partners, community resources, and strength-based leadership, we coordinate and mobilize comprehensive training and technical assistance vital to building and sustaining an enriched community.

Leadership Academy Mentoring Program (L.A.M.P)

The mission of Leadership Academy Mentoring Program (L.A.M.P.) is to create innovative personal and career development programs that educate and encourage youth to overcome personal barriers and become positive contributors to their families and communities. Youth are able to develop skills in areas of art which include: Art & Design, Music Production, Photography, Video Production, and Writing. Youth are required to participate in the following workshops: team building, job training, life-skills, college and career exploration, service learning, self-esteem, job search, positive communication with their parents, attainment strategies and time/stress management skills. Youth that participate in the academy are provided tutoring, content experts, and are allowed access to the studio Monday through Friday.

Maeve Milstead
Director of Youth Programs

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