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  Quote from an Energy Services Client: 

“I had my state inspections today. The staff were so prompt, efficient, and so so helpful!! I had leaking pipes around my water heater and they offered to help me with that!! I am disabled and on social security and could never pay for this on my own.

Long Beach Poverty Statistics

Long Beach Data

  • Population of 462,257 residents
  • 7th largest city in California
  • Youth under 18 make up 17.9% of population
  • Designated the most ethnically diverse community in the nation

Poverty In Long Beach

  • 26th in the rankings among the 70 U.S. cities with a population of 250,000
  • Long Beach residents in poverty 22.8%
  • U.S. poverty rate is 15.1%
  • California poverty rate is 23.2%

Poverty In Long Beach - Youth Perspective

  • 32.8%-children under 5 years old living in poverty
  • 33.0%-children ages 5-17 years old living in poverty

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