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  Quote from an Energy Services Client: 

“I had my state inspections today. The staff were so prompt, efficient, and so so helpful!! I had leaking pipes around my water heater and they offered to help me with that!! I am disabled and on social security and could never pay for this on my own.

Our Board

Since 1968, local community action agencies have been required to have tripartite governing boards to gain and retain designation as eligible entities and to receive CSBG funding. Effective tripartite boards reflect and promote the unique anti-poverty leadership, action, and mobilization responsibilities assigned by law to community action agencies. Boards are responsible for assuring that agencies continue to assess and respond to the causes and conditions of poverty in their community, achieve anticipated family and community outcomes, and remain administratively and fiscally sound.

Executive Committee:

William Barnes
Board Chair Emeritus
Low-Income Sector
Janet McCarthy
Board Chairperson
Private Sector
M Sramek
Mary Sramek
First Vice Chair/ Treasurer
Public Sector

Low Income Sector

Board Members:
Reggie Harrison
Public Sector
Helene Ansel
Public Sector
S Lewis
Stacey Lewis
Public Sector
David Hillman Jr.
Low-Income Sector
Emery Younes
Private Sector
Robert Garey
Private Sector
Charles Brown
Private Sector
Low Income
Susanne Browne
Low-Income Sector


Low-Income Sector: For private nonprofit entities, a minimum of one-third of tripartite board membership must be democratically selected representatives of low-income individuals and families who reside in the geographic area being served by the agency.

Public Sector: One-third must be elected officials, holding office at their time of selection, or their representatives. If a sufficient number of elected officials or their representatives are not available to serve, appointive public officials or their representative may take the place of elected officials.

Private Sector: Board members must be chosen from business, industry, labor, regions, law enforcement, education, or other major groups and interests in the community served.

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