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 We are passionately committed to providing dynamic pathways to self-sustainability for low income individuals and families through advocacy, education, and energy assistance. With our collaborative partners, community resources, and strength-based leadership, we coordinate and mobilize comprehensive training and technical assistance vital to building and sustaining an enriched community.

Self-Sufficiency Model

In order to assist an individual or family in successfully moving from poverty to self sufficiency a holistic approach based on a strong foundation of basic services is required. Very much in alignment with Maslow’s Hierarchy, needs such as food, housing, security and health must be priorities. In those instances where Long Beach Community Action Partnership does not offer direct services, we have referral relationships through which clients can access programs and services they need. With a foundation of basic needs in place further Advocacy for liveable wage jobs, quality education and social services creates pillars of stability for sustained progress. Working together with planned steps towards self sufficiency families can begin to see that economic and social stability can be a reality.

The Model...Complete.

SS Model


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